Required Softwares

If you are new here, the Ministry advises you to read this post thoroughly.
To start downloading awesome contents from the Ministry of Download,
you need to have a few things installed in your PC first.
Since some these softwares are always free and are updated constantly, the Ministry advises you to download it directly from the publisher's website (don't worry, we will provide you the links).

The important softwares are:

Internet Download Manager

This is the single most important software that you need.
To cut it short, it does not only maximize your download speed, it will also increase your download speed up to 10 times!

Download IDM

VLC Player

A media player to play your movies.
It plays EVERY video/audio format available in the world.
The best ever media player. Fullstop.

Download VLC Player


An archiving utility which compresses many files/folders into one.
Also reduces size too.
Use this to handle ZIP and RAR files.

Download WinRAR

HJ Split

A tool that is used to split and join large files.
Use this to handle files that ends with .001, .002 and so on.

Download HJSplit

Windows Media Player Classic + Real Alternative

A very light Windows Media Player, unlike the one bundled in with Windows.
Very stable and handles annoying video files like .RMVB very well.

Download Real Alternative 

Now that you've got everything ready,
it's time to download!